Dr. Bao Lo

Vice-Chair of PCDI

Bao Lo, Vice-ChairAssistant Professor and Director of the Ethnic Studies Program

As Vice Chair of the President’s Commission on Diversity and Inclusion, Dr. Lo provides valuable insight and contribution to uphold the Campus Diversity Statement and achieve its goals for the campus community. She is Hmong American and came to the U.S. after the Vietnam War at a young age. Dr. Lo grew up in Stockton, CA and is a first generation college graduate. She received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in Ethnic Studies. Dr. Lo’s research focuses on Hmong Americans in the central valley of California and how second-generation Hmong American boys and girls are incorporated differently into American society. Her research interests include U.S. immigration with a focus on the second generation (children of post 1965 immigrants), race and ethnicity, and Asian Americans, with a specialization in Southeast Asian Americans and Hmong Americans. She is also a fellow of the Great Valley Chapter of the American Leadership Forum, a professional network of community leaders dedicated to building and strengthening communities.