Testing Accommodations

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When testing accommodations are requested through Disability Resource Services (DRS) for extended time, a reduced-distraction environment, a reader, etc., the following procedures must be adhered to:

  • Tests are scheduled through the DRS Office by completing a "Testing Card" (i.e., date, time of test, special arrangements needed, and instructor's signature). The card is then submitted to the DRS office five (5) working days in advance for quizzes and exams and ten (10) working days in advance for midterms and finals.
  • Student should arrive at the DRS office on time and be prepared to take her/his test (i.e., you should bring scantron, bluebook, pencils, pens, etc.).
  • The student will be allowed to bring only appropriate testing materials into the testing room with her/him.  It is strongly recommended that students make arrangements for storage of personal items prior to a scheduled exam.  Students MAY leave items on the bookshelf of the Disability Resource Services office.  However, DRS will not be liable for any missing items.
  • The time allotted for a test begins at the time arranged (regardless of the time a student arrives and begins testing) and ends at the prearranged time.  The student has the responsibility for rescheduling tests, if needed.  Your instructor must notify the DRS office, in advance, of any changes to the time or date of the exam.
  • If an instructor insists on a specific starting time which conflicts with our scheduling, it is the instructors responsibility to arrange for the student's testing in another location.
  • If a student exceeds her/his scheduled test time, the student will be warned that services may be discontinued if a time limit is exceeded again.  If this occurs a second time, the student must meet with the Coordinator or Learning Disabilities Specialist to review eligibility for testing services.
  • Absence from testing appointments, without prior notification (by phone or in person), will result in the test being returned to the instructor the same day, and The Student will have the responsibility for rescheduling her/his test.
  • Repeated tardiness and/or absences will result in a review of eligibility for testing services.