Scribe Services

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In some cases, scribes and/or proctors (writers) are provided for students requiring assistance in producing written material. Scribes write down material dictated by students for examinations and in-class writing assignments. If you wish to obtain the services of a scribe, please provide a minimum of 5 working days notice to the DRS office.

The scribe will do basic punctuation according to pauses naturally occurring in the dictation. If there is any question about punctuation or the spelling of a word, the scribe will ask for clarification. You are expected to know the spelling of any specialized vocabulary related to a specific course. It is the responsibility of the scribe to inform you if you are dictating too rapidly.

Scribes will not alter, in any way, the material that is dictated to them. The scribe will not answers any questions about punctuation, grammar, or spelling. Scribes will make no comments about the content of material dictated. You are responsible for the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and content. The scribe will not indicate any lack of clarity in the material dictated to him or her.