Cart Service

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The Disability Resource Services (DRS) Office provides cart services to students that have a permanent or temporary disability. To arrange for this service, you must provide the DRS Office with the following information:

  1. Specific pick-up location(s)
  2. Accurate pick-up time(s)
  3. A copy of your class schedule
  4. Completion of the Cart Service Agreement

It is imperative that you be waiting for the driver at the time and place arranged. If you are not at the agreed location on time, the driver will not be able to wait more than 5 minutes past the agreed upon time.

You are responsible for notifying this office in a timely manner if you will not need the scheduled service on a given day or at a particular time. If you miss your scheduled pick-up and have not notified DRS, cart services will be canceled for the remainder of the day.

Three such failures to notify the office in a timely manner when the services are not needed or repeated tardiness for pick-up(s) will be cause for immediate suspension of cart services. To apply for reinstatement of these services, you will be required to come to the office and speak with the Coordinator.

Handicapped Parking & Facility Access
Students utilizing disabled parking on campus must purchase a campus-parking sticker and must display a DMV handicapped placard or license plate.

Wavier of campus parking fee for students with disabilities
Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations ahs been amended and the new regulation applies to students with disabilities who possess a distinguishing license plate or placard issued by the State of California'™s Department of Motor Vehicles or by the appropriate authority of another state. Students may be eligible for a parking fee wavier if they attend part-time or full-time even if they are not receiving other services provided by the DRS office. CSU, Stanislaus may provide a fee waiver for those students who are eligible and meet the income eligibility requirement and who do not already receive financial assistance for transportation. Forms may be picked up in the DRS office or Financial Aid office.