When to Apply

You may apply to the credential program:

  • When you have earned a bachelor's degree OR
  • When you are in your final semester of earning your bachelor's degree OR
  • If you are a Stan State ITCO student, the semester before starting your senior year. 

Application and Admission Process

Step One: The Application

  • Complete the credential program application on Cal State Apply and pay the $70 university application fee.
  • Pay the $30 credential program application fee at the Cashier's office, by mail, or through your my.csustan.edu account
  • Send all required transcripts to the university

For a walkthrough of how to complete the online application, please see our Cal State Apply Guide.

NOTE: If you are a Single Subject applicant, you may begin student teaching in your first semester of the credential program if you have met all admission requirements. To be considered for student teaching, you must submit a separate Student Teaching application to the Field Services office. Please visit their webiste for more information.

Step Two: Application Receipt

  • Once your application has been received and entered into our database, you will be sent an application receipt. The application receipt includes information on the next steps in the process, so READ CAREFULLY
  • Please be aware that it may take up to 3 WEEKS after the application deadline for us to send you your application receipt. If you do not receive an application receipt after 3 weeks, please contact Credentials Services to ensure your application was received. 

Step Three: Program Interviews

  • Roughly one month after the application deadline, program interviews will be held. The interview dates will be included on your Application Receipt and more information about the interviews will be sent out by the Teacher Education office closer to those dates. 
  • If you have questions about your scheduled interview, please contact Liz Cook in the Teacher Education office at ecook1@csustan.edu.
  • NOTE: Stanislaus State Liberal Studies majors are EXEMPT from program interviews. Instead, Libs students will submit at least ONE Libs Faculty recommendation in their program application.

​Step Four: Admission Letters

  • About a week after the scheduled program interviews, the Teacher Education office will begin emailing admission decision letters. Please READ CAREFULLY, as your admission decision letter will indicate if you are missing any important application items. 
  • If you receive a denial letter, you may contact the Program Coordinator to inquire about appealing the decision.

Step Five: Orientation

  • New program admits will attend an Orientation after receving their admission letter. At Orientation, you'll learn more about which classes to take for your first semester. 
  • Information about Orientation will be sent out by the Teacher Education office. If you have questions, please contact Liz Cook in Teacher Education at ecook1@csustan.edu

Step Six: Registration

  • At the same time that admission letters are sent out, Credentials Services will begin coding new admits in the university system so that they can register for classes. 
  • Missing application items may prevent us from coding you. Please turn in ALL required items to avoid delaying your ability to register for classes.
  • If you need further advising on building your class schedule, please contact your Program Coordinator
  • If you need a permission numer to enroll in a class, please contact the professor of the class.

For help with the application process or admission requirements, please contact Credentials Services.

Updated: July 07, 2023