Upon Completion of Credential Program Pupil Personnel

Please submit the completed CSU Stanislaus Credential Application Form, along with any required documents, to the Credential Services in Demergasso-Bava Hall Room 303 on the Turlock Campus OR the Enrollment Services Office on the Stockton Campus. You can also mail the form to CSU Stanislaus, Credential Services, One University Circle, Turlock, CA  95382.

Your credential application should be processed and recommended by the Credential Analyst and sent online to CCTC within an eight to ten week time frame (depending upon our workload). 

Once Credential Services has submitted the online recommendation you will then be notified via email from CCTC to complete the personal and professional fitness questionnaire and payment portions of the process.  The current credential fee is $72  unless you have a credit for a Certificate of Clearance.  The Subject line on this email will state: "CTC Notice - Recommendation for New Document." You will now follow the instructions on this email to complete the process and submit payment. Within a day or two CCTC will send you a second e-mail that will include a payment confirmation number and verification that the credential has been issued.  The subject line on this second email will state: "Your Authorized Payment Receipt" You will receive one additional email that will provide the details of your credential and will contain a link where the online official record of your document may be viewed and printed by you. The subject line on this last email will state: "Notification of Document Issuance"  This online official record is your official verification which you can print and present a copy to your school district or County Office of Education.  You can also attach this verification to your Ed-Join application for employment purposes. CCTC will no longer print out and mail official credential documents.

Effective Date:  Last day of the term, date all requirements are met, or the date application is submitted to Credential Services.

Urgent Evaluations:  If you have a job offer in which your employing district requires the verification letter as soon as possible, a statement in writing from the district will be required for a "rush" evaluation.  Acceptable documentation can be faxed to us at (209) 664-7058.  It may take up to 10 working days to process this request.


Pupil Personnel Internship/
Clear Application.pdf
This form is used to apply for an internship or clear credential.