Risk Assessments & Protection Plans

A process has been established to assist departments with returning certain activities to campus, including a template for evaluating the physical workspace and proposed in-person activities in order to design site-specific prevention protocols. 

Faculty Requests to Offer Face-to-Face Courses in Summer 2021:

Stanislaus State will continue offering courses in primarily virtual formats in in Summer 2021. Exceptions will again be made for very limited offerings of face-to-face courses that may need to occur on campus or out in the community.

To make a request, please submit the Request to Offer Face-to-Face Courses in Summer 2021 form and submit to your college dean no later than Friday, February 12, 2021.

Departmental Requirements for Returning to Campus (not related to requests for face-to-face courses)

Departments should read the Warrior Return to Campus Plan 2020 before completing the Return to Campus Request. Campus repopulations will be tightly controlled and coordinated to mitigate potential risks and ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff, as well as the communities we serve. No unit or department shall return faculty, staff or student employees to campus without appropriate authorization.

Requests to return to campus will be evaluated through a process of risk and resource assessment to establish approval, prioritization, and sequence. Safety & Risk Management (S&RM) will be reviewing each department’s applicable risk assessment and prevention protocols before employees or students are permitted to return to campus.

Part I: Return to Campus Request – Required for administrative and department suites

Department Directors/Chairs shall seek approval from their AVP/Dean and their VP/Provost to begin the return to campus process. Once approved, departments will submit the Return to Campus Request along with Departmental Risk Assessment (Part II) to S&RM for review.

Part II: Departmental Risk Assessment – Required for administrative and department suites

To protect the health and safety of the campus community and visitors, departments will be required to perform this detailed risk assessment and set site-specific prevention protocols. The completion of this risk assessment template will serve as the department’s Protection Plan as required by the Warrior Return to Campus Plan 2020.

These forms must first be downloaded to your device, and then filled out using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader only. If you need to install Adobe Creative Cloud, contact the Stan State Technology Support Desk.  If you still have difficulties with the forms please contact Safety & Risk Management at risk@csustan.edu.