The Contribute Workspace

The Contribute workspace has three main areas: the Contribute browser and editor, the toolbar, and the sidebar. [View MAC Image | View PC Image]

The Contribute browser and editor

The main window in Contribute is used for browsing and editing. If you are not sure whether you are browsing or editing in Contribute, look at the toolbar. The toolbars are different when you are browsing and when you are editing a draft.

When you use the Contribute browser, you can browse to any web page--not just to pages on your website. The Contribute browser functions as a true web browser: Click links in web pages to browse to the page you want to edit. You can also create bookmarks to pages that you visit frequently.

When you use the Contribute editor, you can edit pages in websites you have connected to (see "Connecting to a website"). You can edit text, images, tables, links, and pages with frames. You can publish your changes to make the updated web page live on your website.

It's easy to browse and edit in Contribute, and to switch between browsing and editing.

The Contribute toolbars

The browser toolbar contains buttons for navigating your website or creating a page. [View MAC Image | View PC Image]

The editor toolbar contains buttons for common operations from the File, Insert, Format, and Table menus. [View MAC Image | View PC Image]

The text formatting toolbar contains buttons for formatting text. [View MAC Image | View PC Image]

The Pages panel gives you access to the web browser and all drafts you're currently editing. There is also a link to the Draft Console, which shows the status of your drafts.

The How Do I panel provides quick step-by-step instructions to help you complete some common Contribute tasks. The panel shows a list of browsing tasks while you are browsing, and a list of editing tasks while you are editing.

Click any link in the How Do I panel in the sidebar to get more information on that task. If the desired task is not in the list, see Contribute Help (Help > Adobe Contribute Help) to get detailed information.

You can expand, collapse, or resize the panels and the sidebar. [View MAC Image | View PC Image]