Stanislaus State Residence Life Village Incident

May 3, 2017

Last night, Stanislaus State University Police responded to an emergency in the Residence Life Village on campus to apprehend a female student who allegedly attacked two of her female roommates with sharp objects. The student also injured two resident advisors who tried to stop the attack. UPD officers responded to the situation and the suspect was arrested, treated at a local hospital and is in custody. At this time, the injuries to the victims do not appear to be life threatening and they are being treated at other local hospitals. There is no known motive for the attack at this time but the investigation is ongoing. This appears to be an isolated incident and there is no further threat to our campus community. 

If anyone has any information regarding this situation, please contact the University Police Department directly at 209-667-3114.

President Ellen Junn wants to reassure the students, faculty and staff that this situation was contained very quickly thanks to our University Police and local police, and that the safety of everyone on campus has been restored. While this is a serious and frightening incident, law enforcement authorities are continuously monitoring the situation, and there is no further danger to any students or community members. Psychological Counseling Services will be available for all students in the residence halls and others who may need support or reassurance.