Social Media Best Practices

Be ethical.

Protect confidential and proprietary information related to the University, its students, employees and alumni. Federal requirements, including FERPA, HIPA and NCAA regulations, apply to communication in social media. Be sure to adhere to all applicable University privacy and confidentiality policies.

Be accurate.

Be transparent about your role at Stanislaus State and be authentic in your communications with others. Admit and correct mistakes quickly and accurately. Be mindful of your responsibility to use University time and resources wisely.

Be respectful.

Conversations should stay on topic, and can include positive and negative perspectives. Moderate conversations respectfully to foster relationship building. Include language in your account description asking those who participate on your social media site to be courteous as well.

Be thoughtful.

Have a plan to share relevant, interesting and succinct content, and know your audience. Create posts related to your field or area of expertise, and cross-promote content from related units on campus. Think before you post — your content can be shared widely and publicly.

Be engaged.

Remember that creating effective social media will take work. Commit the required time and passion to engage with your social audience. Consistency is critical. Start small, measure your efforts and make adjustments.

Be in touch.

Let us know if you plan to start a social media site for your program or department. We would be delighted to help you get started and to find ways to reach your audience.

Be authentic.

Personally address participants on your social media sites by name and respond to them in the first person. Let your enthusiasm for Stanislaus State shine through.

Be helpful.

Answer requests for information quickly and accurately. You often can link back to resources on the University website. Providing information swiftly demonstrates that you are listening and responsive to the needs of those in your social sphere, and builds a sense of community.