University Identity on Social Media

Many individuals are following multiple Stanislaus State social media feeds, making it important to distinguish each feed while maintaining the important relationship of each department or program to the University as a whole.

The University branding and style guidelines apply to content posted on social media. If you are planning to share a post that uses the University brand, please be sure to follow the guidelines.

Naming your account

When choosing a name for your social media account, use the name of the University first (use the informal name or the nickname), followed by the name of your department, program, etc.

Stanislaus State Alumni Association
Stanislaus State Department of Theatre
Stan State Men’s Basketball
Stan State Geography Club

Choose a succinct web address (e.g., username or handle (for platforms like Twitter or Instagram) that uses the nickname followed by your department or program name or abbreviation. Usernames and web addresses that direct people to your account should follow the branding guidelines whenever possible — please avoid using the abbreviation CSUS. Here are some great examples of usernames:

Profile photo

Choose a photo that represents your program or department with a strong focal point, or that tells a story. Keep in mind that the photo should be recognizable when viewed at very small sizes.

The shield logo, as shown below, should be used only by official University communications social media platforms. It should not be used by any other offices, departments or programs for their social media profile image.

You can create a profile image that uses the new University brand by applying the template below to a photo that represents the students or activities in your department or program.

image of your choice + template = social media profile image

Download Template

Social Media Profile


  1. Click on the link above to download the profile photo template to your computer.
  2. Select the location on your computer where you would like to save the template file, then click “Save.” Note: It is advantageous to save the template file in an easily accessible folder for later use.
  3. Locate the template file on your computer and double-click to open in Publisher.
  4. Documents downloaded from the Internet may open in protected view. To edit the document, click “Enable Editing” above the toolbar.
  5. To replace the current photo with a photo that illustrates your department or program:
    1. Click on the square image then right click to access the image menu.
    2. Click on “Change picture.”
    3. Locate the folder that contains the photo you wish to insert and double-click on the file.
  6. Publisher will place the photo in the square image frame. A copy of the previous image will be placed to the right, on the pasteboard (this is the gray working area around the document).
  7. To save as an image file click...

Hashtags (#)

The following hashtags are used regularly on official University social media posts. Please feel free to add these hashtags to your posts to join the conversation!