Poster Templates


These templates have been designed so that PC users can easily create and print promotional materials for college and academic department events. The templates are created in Microsoft Publisher and comply with the university'€™s graphic design standards as developed by the Office of Communications & Public Affairs.


Each Publisher (.pub) file consists of two pages; one that is intended for a photo of your choosing, and another that is intended for use when you do not have access to a photo.

  1. Photos: A placeholder photo of an ocean landscape is already part of the template. Feel free to insert a high-resolution photo of your choice in the exact same placeholder frame, replacing the ocean landscape photo. If you would like to add a secondary photo in another location on the template, such as a photo of a guest speaker, try and keep the photo small and place it to the right or left of the "€œdate, time, location"€ text box.
  2. Headers and text: Please use the default template fonts and existing font sizes and colors when available. The templates are intended for users to simply paste in or type text to make sure that it remains professional looking. If you do not require the use of some text boxes or paragraphs, simply delete them. Try not to add additional paragraphs or text to the template, to avoid a cluttered layout.
  3. The bottom "€˜info"€™ line: be sure to insert your college or department name and the other information on the bottom line, which is located directly above the university wordmark. Be sure to list the college or department'€™s website.


  1. Moving, resizing or any other manipulation of the college badge on the top left of the page is prohibited.
  2. Moving, resizing or any other manipulation of the university wordmark at the bottom of the page is prohibited.


All flyers and posters must be approved by the Office of Communications & Public Affairs before being printed, posted or displayed in any manner.

Edit the file, rename it, save as a PDF* and send to for review. Documents will be reviewed quickly and should be returned to the department in 24 hours or less with approval or suggestions.

* To save as a PDF: Using the [File/Save As] menu option, choose PDF (.pdf) from the "€œSave as type"€ pull down list, click on the [Options] button in the "€œSave As"€ dialog box, and choose the "€œHigh Quality Printing"€ from the "€œSpecify"€€ list, then click [OK]. Click the "€œSave"€ button to create your .pdf file.

Printing by Reprographics

  1. Send the saved PDF file (via e-mail or on a disk) to
  2. Print a hard copy and attach to the Reprographics work order.


  • If you have questions regarding the use of these templates, please contact the Office of Communications & Public Affairs at 667-3660.
  • If you are having trouble performing various Publisher tasks, Microsoft'€™s online Publisher support site is very helpful.


Click on the document title to save the file. 

Once the file has downloaded to your computer. Right-click the ZIP file. Select “Extract All…” or “Extract Here”. Extract All will allow you to set a path for the extracted folder to go, and Extract Here will uncompress the folder and leave it in the same location as the ZIP file.

Poster Templates

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