Logo & Trademark Licensing

The right to use and reproduce the images will be at all times subject to and governed by the specific terms of agreement described by the CSU Stanislaus Trademarks and Licensing Program, as well as the following general terms and conditions:

  1. CSU Stanislaus seals and document templates are the exclusive property and copyright of CSU Stanislaus.
  2. User warrants that the use of the seals and document templates is solely for CSU Stanislaus purposes.
  3. Exclusive rights to any seal or mark are not available.
  4. Context of use:
    1. The seals and marks may not be used in a defamatory, libelous, or pornographic context, or contrary to ethical business practices;
    2. User is responsible for all text used and claims made in connection with the use of any seal or mark.

All manufacturers or retailers wishing to produce or sell items bearing the monogram or any other trademark of the University must receive licensure to do so from the University'€™s licensing agency, Licensing Resource Group (www.lrgusa.com). This includes all uses of the University'€™s symbols on products, including those for promotions and advertising.