Branding & Design

Introduction and Purpose

Branding is more than just sticking a logo on a brochure. It is about defining what kind of experience we want our students, faculty, staff, and the public to have with our institution and what kind of reputation we want to build. Effective branding of California State University, Stanislaus will convey the ideals of cultural, artistic, and academic excellence as embodied in the University mission statement.

The purpose of the Graphic Standards is to help establish and maintain visual consistency, which in turn supports a strong sense of identity and excellence for CSU Stanislaus. Following these guidelines will help us build and maintain the University's brand image in a diverse marketplace of academic brands.

Please help us achieve the University's branding goals by implementing these proper styles into each document you create that uses the CSU Stanislaus name and/or images.


All seals, wordmarks, logos, and document templates on the CSU Stanislaus Web site or on any CSU Stanislaus Web page are the exclusive property and copyright of CSU Stanislaus. By downloading images from this Web site, you are agreeing to adhere to the standards listed herein. Any exceptions to or deviations from the standards must be approved by the Office of Communications & Public Affairs.

Download the seal, mark, or logo you need by clicking on the .ZIP link below the sample image. Each .ZIP package includes a .JPG, .GIF for electronic USE and .EPS for print.

wordmark: California State University | Stanislaus CSU Stanislaus Seal: black and white
wordmark: California State University Stanislaus | CSU Stanislaus Seal: color Pantone red 1797 and yellow 131
  CSU Stanislaus Seal: reversed to white