Social Media Downloads

NOTE: These are not a replacement for your live commencement ceremonies.

Class of 2020 Snapchat Lenses

Celebrate the Class of 2020 with these fun Snapchat lenses. Using your smartphone, launch the Snapchat app and scan the codes below to enable the lenses! You can also enable them by clicking on the snapcodes below. When prompted, tap "enable for 48 hours". The filters can be reused even after 48 hours have lapsed. The lenses are free to use and can be shared to your social media networks. Enjoy!


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StanGrad Snapchat lens icon.

Class of 2020 Snapchat Lens

Graduating? Use the lens specifically made for the Class of 2020 graduates!

StanGrads Snapchat Lens icon.

StanGrad Family Lens

Snap a picture using the lens; made for families to celebrate their StanGrad(s)!

StanGrad Friends Snapchat lens icon.

StanGrad Friend Lens

Snap a picture with your friends!