Approved Face-to-Face Courses

Stanislaus State courses approved for a face-to-face exception for spring 2021.

On-Campus Courses

BOTY 3700 Flowering Plants
BIOL 4870 Recombinant DNA
NURS 2000 Health Assessment
NURS 2820 Fundamentals of Nursing
NURS 2910 Adult Health 1
NURS 3820 Reproductive Health
NURS 3850 Maternal Child Clinical
NURS 4810 Adult Health 2
NURS 4830 Seminar
GEOL 4500 Field Geology
CHEM 4200 Physical Chemistry Lab II
CHEM 4422 Advanced Biochemistry
KINS 1610 Swimming
KINS 3300 Theory Analysis of Aquatic Sports
KINS 3330 Theory Analysis of Indiv Sports & Games
KINS 4150 Secondary Pedagogy for Physical Educ
ART 3100 Relief Printmaking
ART 4425 Advanced Studio Art
GEOG 2012 Physical Geography Lab
GEOG 4750 Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 5852 Advanced GIS
THEA 1510 Dance for Stage I
THEA 1540 Dance for Stage II
THEA 2300 Workshop
THEA 4020 Performance for Children
THEA 4350 Rehearsal and Performance
MUS 4430 University Chamber Singers
MUS 1610 Freshman-Level Keyboard
MUS 1611 Freshman-Level Keyboard Mjr Rep
MUS 1670 Freshman-Level Orchestra
MUS 1671 Freshman-Instr Mjr Repertoire
MUS 2610 Sophomore-Level Keyboard
MUS 2611 Sophomore-Level Keyboard Mjr Rep
MUS 2670 Sophomore-Level Orchestra
MUS 2671 Sophomore-Instr Mjr Repertoire
MUS 3610 Junior-Level Keyboard
MUS 3611 Junior-Level Keyboard Major Repertoire
MUS 3670 Junior-Level Orchestra
MUS 3671 Junior-Level Instr Mjr Repertoire
MUS 4610 Advanced Keyboard
MUS 4611 Senior Keyboard Major Repertoire
MUS 4670 Advanced Orchestral Instruments
MUS 4671 Senior Instr Major Repertoire
MUS 4900 Senior Recital
MUS 2500 Instrumental Chamber Ensemble
MUS 4500 Percussion lessons and ensemble
MUS 3621 Collaborative Piano/Accompanying II

Off-Campus Clinicals & Practicums

EDCL 5850 Counseling Seminar and Field Experience
SW 5040 Foundation Practicum
SW 5041 Advanced Practicum
EDMS 4190 Student Teaching Practicum I
EDMS 4191 Student Teaching Practicum II
EDMS 4912 Student Teaching Practicum III
EDSS 4850 Secondary Field Experience I
EDSS 4855 Secondary Field Experience II
EDSS 4870 Secondary Field Experience III
EDSE 4815 Mild/Moderate Fieldwork Practicum I
EDSE 4816 Mild/Moderate Fieldwork Practicum II
EDSE 4915 ESN Fieldwork Practicum I