Approved Face-to-Face Courses

Stanislaus State courses approved for a face-to-face exception for fall 2020

ART 1010 Foundation Drawing
ART 1030 Foundation Printmaking Option A
ART 1035 Foundation Printmaking Option B
ART 1100 Foundation Painting
ART 1200 Foundation Sculpture (3 sections) A
RT 1340 Introduction to Ceramics
ART 3000 Color
ART 3005 Drawing the human figure from observation
ART 3210 Painting from the Unconscious
ART 3210 Lithography
ART 3615 Consumer Objects
ART 3830 Visual Art and Ecology
ART 4970 New Genre Art
EDCL 5850 Counseling Seminar and Field Experience
EDCL 5930 School Counseling Practicum
EDMS 4190 Student Teaching Practicum I
EDMS 4191 Student Teaching Practicum II
EDMS 4192 Student Teaching Practicum III
EDSE 4815 Mild/Moderate Fieldwork Practicum I
EDSE 4816 Mild/Moderate Fieldwork Practicum II
EDSE 4915 ESN Fieldwork Practicum I
EDSE 4916 ESN Fieldwork Practicum II
EDSS 4850 Secondary Field Experience I
EDSS 4855 Secondary Field Experience II
EDUC 4400 Introduction and Foundations of Multilingual Education
EDUC 4460 Cultural Views on Bilingualism
GEOG 2012 Intro to Physical Geog Lab
GEOG 2200 Intro to Geospatial Lab
GEOG 4750 GIS Lab
KINS 1610 Swimming
KINS 3350 Theory and Analysis of Dual Sports and Games
KINS 3360 Theory and Analysis of Team Sports
MUSIC Practice Rooms - Piano
MUSIC Practice Rooms - Percussion
MUSIC Piano-related Courses
NURS 2820 Foundations of Clinical Nursing Practice
NURS 2910 Adult Health I Clinical
NURS 3550 Clinical Practice I
NURS 3850 Maternal Child Clinical
NURS 4810 Adult Health II Clinical
NURS 5100 Seminar in Contemporary Practice
NURS 5320 Issues in Advanced Practice
NURS 5340 Diagnosis and Management of Common Health Problems in Primary Care
SW 5040 MSW Foundation Practicum
SW 5041 MSW Advanced Practicum
THEA 2300 Workshop
THEA 3200 Stagecraft
THEA 4350 Rehearsal & Performance
THEA 4600 Directing