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  • Anyone using Core/Browser.js? 
    Hey folks, Just a quick survey. Reply via @mootools or leave a comment here. Are you using the Browser module? If so, why are you using it? Cheers, -Olmo
  • MooTools on Bountysource 
    Today we enabled Bountysource for MooTools Core and MooTools More. Bountysource is a funding platform for Open Source projects like MooTools. It works as follows: there is an issue on GitHub. You, or anyone else, can create a bounty to back the issue. Then some developer (either a MooTools Team Member or some other contributor) […]
  • MooTools Conference 
    This year we’re thinking about getting everyone in the MooTools community together, in one place, for a weekend to meet up, chat, discuss, and have an all-around good time. That’s right, we’re trying to plan a MooTools Conference! But before we can do that, we need your help. We’ve set up a form so we […]
  • Contributing to MooTools 
    Sometimes we get requests from people that want to contribute to MooTools. In this post I would like to give some pointers how one could help, but first I’ll tell how I got involved in the MooTools project. It was late 2009, the MooTools Forge (plugin repository) was just released, and I was learning JavaScript […]
  • MooTools 1.2.6 Released 
    This is a new maintenance release for the old 1.2 series. The new ECMAScript 6 specification has a proposal for String.prototype.contains that unfortunately conflicts with the MooTools implementation of contains. Firefox 18 already ships this new version of contains. This is not a problem for MooTools 1.3.x and onward, but this breaks MooTools 1.2.5, especially […]