Writing Support

hand holding pen and writingCEGE offers writing support to all currently enrolled graduate students at Stan State. During the Spring 2020 semester, we offer:

  • Individualized writing consultation appointments
  • Writing workshops
  • Thesis/dissertation formatting workshop (offered by the University Library)

Writing Consultation Appointments Fall 2020

Individualized 30-60-minute online meetings with a writing coach to get feedback on a writing assignment. Discuss and receive help on any aspect of writing, from developing your ideas, to organization, style, or syntax. CEGE writing support coaches do not offer editing services. Faculty members who participate with CEGE offer professional, targeted feedback to help improve the quality of graduate student writing.

Instructions for consultations.
1. Please use the Writing Center to reserve a writing consultation at least 24 hours before the date and time you would like to meet. In this page, you will find the necessary steps to make your appointment.  Once in the Writing Center, use Stan Tutor to make the appointment.

Remember that you can choose to work with another graduate student, who has been trained to offer graduate level advice, and with our Writing Coaches.

Meet our Writing Coaches

Nancy Au is a writer and educator who holds an MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University and a BA in Anthropology from U.C. Berkeley. Her full-length collection of short stories, Spider Love Song and Other Stories, was longlisted for the 2020 PEN/Robert Bingham Prize, and was a finalist for the 2020 CLMP Book Award for Fiction.





Dr. Monica Flores is a full-time faculty member in the Department of English. She is an active faculty member who actively participates in activities that support students' academic success at our campus. Email: mmflores@csustan.edu

Wednesdays, 4:00-6:00pm

Saturday and Sunday upon request

Writing Workshops

Literature Review: Planning, Structuring and Writing

Dr. Steven Drouin

This workshop will guide you through planning, structuring and writing your chapter 2 literature review for your MA thesis, MA project, or dissertation. The workshop will begin by covering how to pull information from scholarly articles and using templates for organizing important information found therein. We will then do activities to help you conceptualize the structure of a literature review. Next, we will look at outlines and samples of literature reviews to formalize your thinking. Finally, we will look at sentence frames and language structures to build the bones of your chapter. You will leave with both knowledge and organizing tools to help make your literature review awesome.

September 15, 2020

5-6:30 pm                                                                                                                                       

Zoom Meeting URL

September 29, 2020


Zoom Meeting URL

Writing Workshop Series

Workshop series title: Academic writing as a Multicultural/Multilingual learner

Led by Dr. Mirta Maldonado, English Department

Building Academic Writing Strategies Across Literacy Practices for Multilingual Writers. 

This workshop will provide multilingual writers the opportunity to explore and build different strategies in academic writing by applying a comparison and contrast approach to examining different literacy styles across linguistic, cultural, and academic contexts. Our aim is to help students become successful with writing tasks in their field-specific graduate courses.   

September 16th: 4:00-6:00pm 

Zoom Meeting URL

Integrating Reading and Writing at the Pre-writing stage in the Writing Process for Multilingual Writers 

This workshop will focus on a skill-based approach to literacy by providing multilingual writers the opportunity to understand better how to integrate reading and writing skills while writing for academic purposes. Our aim is to help students use these skills to develop cognitive tools that will facilitate pre-writing tasks such as, brainstorming and narrowing topics, organizing sources and materials, developing general inquiry questions/arguments, and mapping their writing at the beginning of the writing process. 

October 14th 4:00-6:00pm 

Zoom Meeting URL

Developing Editing Skills through an Error Analysis and Error Treatment Approach in Academic Writing for Multilingual Writers 

This workshop will include a cross-linguistic approach to editing where students will engage in the analysis of language structures and grammar errors in their own writing by establishing similarities and differences between linguistic patterns in their writing and the linguistic patterns in standard academic English. Our aim is to help students systematically identify errors, and thus, be able to understand how to articulate feedback that will help assess their own work and correct these patterns of error. 

November 12th  4:00-6:00pm 

Zoom Meeting URL 


Workshop Series Title: Writing for Future Scholarship, Professional Advancement, Theses and Dissertations, etc

Led by Dr. Mathew Cover and Nancy Au

Meeting URL: https://csustan.zoom.us/j/95903428945 (same link for all sessions)

Meeting ID: 959 0342 8945

Writing for Future Scholarship: Research and Grant Proposals

This workshop series will provide graduate students with support in developing and writing grant proposals for future scholarship, research, and graduate study, including the NSF GRFP, the Ford Foundation Fellowship, and others. We will provide writing prompts and facilitate discussions about writing memorable grant and research proposals. We will explore how your academic interests intersect with your personal motivations in order to develop a unique glossary for yourself which will help you to write compelling proposals.


Dates: 9/22, 9/29, 10/6

Time: 5 - 6:30pm

Writing for Professional Advancement: Personal Statement

This workshop series will provide guidance and support for graduate students to develop personal statements, cover letters, application essays, curricula vitae (CVs), and other statements for professional advancement. Whether you are applying for a doctoral program, a scholarship, or a new position, or just wanting to explore and prepare for the next steps in your professional life, this series of workshops will help you write or revise compelling statements that effectively communicate your background, skills, interests, and passions. Specific topics and activities will be based on the interest and needs of the cohort of writers, but our time will be spent discussing conventions for different essay forms, doing freewrites, and sharing our work and providing feedback.


Dates: 10/13, 10/20, 10/27

Time: 5 - 6:30pm

Writing for Works-in-Progress (WIP): Academic Essays, Theses and Dissertations, etc.

This workshop will help graduate students who are working (or beginning work) on their thesis, dissertation, academic essays, or any other major works-in-progress (WIP). Activities will be based on the specific interests and needs of the cohort of writers, but we will focus our time on discussions and writing/revision exercises that help writers to identify themes within their work, ways to think about the tone and voice used within their writing, ways to structure WIP so that there are clear thematic connections between paragraphs, and ways that the introduction and conclusion paragraphs can be used to elucidate and amplify these themes within the work.


Dates: 11/3, 11/10, 11/17

Time: 5 - 6:30pm

Thesis/Project/Dissertation Formatting Sessions

Offered by the Thesis/Project/Dissertation Processing Staff Team

Preparation Guidelines Overview and Formatting Orientation The orientation will focus on the University’s preparation guidelines for a thesis/project and doctoral dissertation. A review of the thesis/dissertation format will be presented and sample layouts examined from the online thesis/dissertation template. Formatting tips and problem areas will be discussed, as well as the process for submitting the thesis, project, or dissertation. This orientation

Email the University Library at GradStudents@Library.csustan.edu or call (209) 664-6570.

Revise the Library page for the online sessions available for this Fall 2020 semester.

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