Qualitative Research Methods Support

Qualitative Research Methods Support

Do you have questions about how to design a qualitative research study, gather data, or conduct qualitative data analysis for your research? CEGE provides a series of workshops through which you will be able to learn about qualitative data collection and data analysis. Master's and Doctoral students at Stan State who need assistance in qualitative research design are encouraged to attend these workshops.

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Title: Acknowledging and Preparing for the Influence of Researcher in Qualitative Research

Led by Dr. Joe Carranza

This workshop will focus on preparing you for the processes involved in conducting participant-centered interviews in qualitative research.  Topics of focus will include: emotional labor, communicative approaches, and a reflection of methods, procedures and personhood. At the end of this workshop learners should have an increased awareness of the influences and toll of conducting interviews for qualitative research.

November 13, 2020

05:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Meeting URL: https://csustan.zoom.us/j/95966174193?pwd=bGwyQUVzSG1CNWdwalJmNzB2N2RIUT09