Qualitative Research Methods Support

Qualitative Research Methods Support

Do you have questions about how to design a qualitative research study, gather data, or conduct qualitative data analysis for your research? CEGE provides a series of workshops through which you will be able to learn about qualitative data collection and data analysis. Master's and Doctoral students at Stan State who need assistance in qualitative research design are encouraged to attend these workshops.

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Reading the Visual: Developing Visual Literacies

Dr. Cassandra Drake

This workshop will address the theoretical foundations of what it means to be visually literate. Key concepts such as multimodal ensembles, visual composition and modes will be discussed and reflected upon. Participants will be given opportunities to examine the ways in which images communicate meaning in multiple modes throughout our daily lives. 

(Thursday, February/20th) 10:30 am-12pm

Location: MSR 362

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Multimodal Theory & Application of Visual Data Analysis

Dr. Cassandra Drake

An introduction to multimodal theory and its application to the context of visual research. Attendees will learn how visual data analysis can be utilized in qualitative research studies and have the opportunity to contribute to and engage in a cohort-inspired VDA. Study design and human subjects review will also be considered.

(Thursday, March/5th) 5:00pm-6:30pm

Location: DBH 346

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Participatory Visual Methods: Photovoice &  Photo-elicitation

Dr. Cassandra Drake

In this workshop attendees will explore two exciting participatory visual research methods. Both photovoice and photo-elicitation are utilized in action research studies and are heralded for placing power in the hands of participants and situating them as experts in their own experiences. The cohort will participate in interactive small group activities in which they will create a data set and actively learn how to conduct photovoice and photo-elicitation interviews.

(Thursday, March 19th) 2:30 pm-4pm

Location: MSR 160 (Modified to ZOOM format due to COVID-19 action plan, please RSVP to receive the ZOOM link)

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Arts-Based Research Methods: Expanding the meaning of qualitative data

This workshop will present a case for the integration of arts-based research in TK-12 and higher education contexts. 1) Student learning and student experience is best-communicated through the lens of the arts. 2) Arts-based meaning making requires participants to engage in higher-order thinking skills (to create) and can be utilized as valid form of assessment. 3) Arts-based research lends itself well to varying modes of analysis and evaluation and can be utilized as a methodology of empowerment. Participants will work to develop a mini-proposal for an arts-based research study of their own conception.

(Thursday, April/2) 6pm-7:30pm

Location: DBH 346 (Modified to ZOOM format due to COVID-19 action plan, please RSVP to receive the ZOOM link)

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Atlas.ti software for qualitative data analysis.

Dr. Greg Jacquay

During this workshop, you would learn the basic analytical stages in qualitative data analysis and the technical operation of Atlas.ti. To maximize your engagement in this process, you are welcomed to bring your data sources (interview transcripts, pictures, field notes, documents, and observation notes). Bring a laptop and please download the free trial version of Atlas.ti.

(Thursday, February 20th) 1pm-3pm

Location: MSR 160

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