Student's Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have any experience, can I still apply for an internship?

Yes, an internship is the opportunity needed to gain the experience you need in starting your career. Some internships will require some advanced skills.

Will I get paid?

Employers determine their ability and resources to pay interns. If the position is paid it will be noted on the position description. Just as a word of advice, seek out internships that will assist you in your career path. Internships are not part-time jobs but rather learning experiences. If you think of an internship as an applied experience and not a job the pay will become less of an issue.

Can my current job count as an internship?

In most cases you cannot count a position you are already in for internship credit. If the company you are working for can offer you a new job type of position or project related to your option there is a possibility this could count. Please see your Department Internship Coordinator for consideration.