Student Requirements

Requirements to Apply

  1. A student in the College of Business Administration who is a Junior or Senior with at least 60 units completed.
  2. 1-2 classes in a concentration completed and passed.
  3. An email address read on a regular basis.

Applying for an Internship

  1. Complete the Internship Agreement form.pdf.
  2. Prepare a professional resume.
  3. View available internships online.
  4. Make an appointment in the Student Success Center (DBH 217). Be sure to bring a current resume with you, as well as the specific internships you are interested in.
  5. Submit an Internship Code of Conduct form.pdf.

Upon obtaining an internship if seeking academic credit

  1. Consult with your Department Internship Coordinator to determine if the internship warrants academic credit. See list of Department Internship Coordinators.
  2. Submit a Special Registration Form (pdf) with all signatures to Student Success Center.