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Discover what you can learn and where a business administration major can take you.

When we say “Business Administration” we are really talking about the diverse program concentrations that this major offers – accounting, computer information systems, finance, management, operations management, marketing and general business. Business administration majors tend to be bright, competitive, ethical, industrious, and pragmatic. 

Business administration students are interested in being part of a team, interacting and collaborating with others, working with people, entrepreneurship, leadership, and how businesses work. Business students will learn the general knowledge of business concepts and operations, effective methods of thinking about complex business situations, and the facets of international business, information technology and professional ethics.

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Concentration Highlights

Explore the different concentrations of areas within the Business Administration major.

Check out which concentration matches your interest, what you will learn in each concentration, along with potential careers and an overview of important prerequisite classes and degree planning.

Business Administration Concentration Highlights

Concentration Highlights (PDF)