Faculty Advisors

The College of Business Administration has over 20 Faculty Advisors available by Concentration to provide course and career advising, as well as mentorship within your concentration. 

Faculty Advisors are your professors in your upper division major courses and can advise on course content, learning objectives, assist with choosing and declaring concentrations within the major.  Faculty Advisors are only available during the academic year in the fall and spring terms. 


Advisor Advises (by last name) Contact
Dr. Annhenrie Campbell A-B acampbell1@csustan.edu
Tim Firch C-F tfirch@csustan.edu
Dr. Lynn Johnson G-H ljohnson3@csustan.edu
Dr. David Lindsay I-L dlindsay@csustan.edu
Dr. Jason Song M-P xsong@csustan.edu
Dr. Kim Tan Q-R ktan@csustan.edu
Dr. Lucy Xie S-V xxie@csustan.edu
Dr. David Zhu W-Z dzhu@csustan.edu



Advisor Advises (by last name) Contact
Dr. Mandy Huang A-M thuang@csustan.edu
Dr. Sophie Zong N-Z szong@csustan.edu


Computer Information Systems/General Business

Advisor Advises (by last name) Contact
Dr. Pi-Sheng Deng A-F pdeng@csustan.edu
Dr. Pengtao Li G-L pli1@csustan.edu
Dr. Orestis Panagopoulos M-Ri opanagopoulos@csustan.edu
Dr. Panos Petratos Rm-Z ppetratos@csustan.edu


Management: Human Resources

Advisor Advises (by last name) Contact
Dr. Andrew Hinrichs A-G ahinrichs@csustan.edu
Dr. Christopher Bradshaw H-M cbradshaw3@csustan.edu
Dr. Edward Hernandez N-S profess2000@yahoo.com
Dr. Linda Dunn-Jensen T-Z ldunnjensen@csustan.edu


Management: International Business

Advisor Advises (by last name) Contact
Dr. Tahi Gnepa A-M gnepa3400@gmail.com
Dr. Nan Zhang N-Z nzhang1@csustan.edu


Management: Entrepreneurship 

Advisor Advises (by last name) Contact
Dr. Sahrok Kim A-M skim25@csustan.edu
Dr. Jarrett Kotrozo N-Z jkotrozo@csustan.edu



Advisor Advises (by last name) Contact
Dr. Athinodros Chronis A-E achronis@csustan.edu
Dr. Saejoon Kim F-J skim16@csustan.edu
Dr. Al Petrosky K-O apetrosky@csustan.edu
Dr. James Strong P-S jstrong@csustan.edu
Dr. Junhee Kim T-Z jkim28@csustan.edu


Operations Management

Advisor Advises (by last name) Contact
Dr. Jenny Li A-I jli9@csustan.edu
Dr. Peter Xu J-Q xxu@csustan.edu
Dr. Feng Zhou R-Z fzhou@csustan.edu


Stockton Campus

Advisor Advises (by concentration) Contact
Dr. Jeong Kim Accounting jkim13@csustan.edu
Dr. Yilli Lian Finance ylian@csustan.edu