Human Resources Management (HRM)

HRM track provides students with opportunities for learning a mixture of courses oriented around a general theme of interpersonal relations and dynamics of organizing to achieve common goals. This includes team work, working effectively with others, and interacting productively with an increasing diverse body of co-workers. This track will emphasize courses in organizational behavior, human resource management, small business management, and communication skills.

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Course Spotlight: MGT 4360 – Organizational Behavior
The study of individual and group behavior in organizations. Application of behavioral science research methods and theories for the practicing manager. Motivation, interpersonal relations and communications, leadership, and managing change are covered.

International Business (IB)

IB track is designed to provide students with business competencies and skills essential for careers in IB. Courses offered in this track will enable students to understand the global business environment, analyze global business opportunities, develop global strategies and perform global business activities.

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Course Spotlight: MGT 4920 – Global Competitive Strategy
Focus on a new philosophy of strategy in a global context to address critical issues such as cost/quality, timing/learning, strongholds, deep pockets and alliance/network.

Strategy/Entrepreneurship (SE)

SE track provides students with the opportunity to focus on the process of guiding the future direction of their business organizations. Courses offered in this track are designed to help students make key business decisions, including how to start a business, grow a business, and guide a business in an uncertain and changing business environment.

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Course Spotlight: MGT 4540 – Entrepreneurship & Venture Initiative
Study of selected problems involved in starting and operating new business ventures.