Mission Statement

Program Mission

The mission of the Accounting Program at California State University, Stanislaus is to prepare undergraduate students to be productive professionals who can make responsible decisions in a changing world by:

  • Creating a student focused educational environment that emphasizes high quality teaching and learning.
  • Enhancing and strengthening our teaching and learning through applied research and instructional development while recognizing the contribution of basic research.

We serve a diverse student population, many of who are first generation university students. We are responsive to the particular needs of non-traditional students whose life experiences and commitment to learning enrich the overall educational environment.

We also employ our professional skills in service to the School, University, scholarly and professional organizations, and the regional business community.

Our Stakeholders

We recognize that the following stakeholders are principal partners in our success:

  • Students
  • Employers/Business community
  • Alumni
  • University Administration and Faculty
  • Local community
  • State Taxpayers

Our Vision

We want to become a program of accounting that is increasingly recognized by our stakeholders for preparing self-confident, competent graduates able to perform effectively in a changing environment.

Our Core Strategies

Our program mission is congruent with the mission of the Business School and the University. We seek to develop the student as a total person. To this end our required program includes the completion of the California State University educational breadth requirements in the arts, humanities and sciences and the study of business administration common body of knowledge.

To achieve its mission, the Accounting Program encourages the faculty to:

  • Demonstrate quality classroom teaching which stress rigor, discipline, method, high standards, and promotion of active faculty-student rapport.
  • Expose Accounting students to the facets of international business, information technology, professional ethics, and instill technical competence and analytical skills.
  • Make intellectual contributions, pursue professional interactions, and serve campus, community, professional, and academic organizations.
  • Develop and provide quality service courses for other undergraduate and graduate areas of study within the University.