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To assist you in planning for your career, we would like to offer you a resume building service, which you may access at www.csustan.optimalresume.com. OptimalResume provides an easy way to create, manage, and update your professional resume.

Available OptimalResume features include:

  • Resume Builder + GPS - Students select from dozens of templates and samples to create and customize their professional resume, then place it into an employer-searchable database to have job and internship opportunities delivered to them.
  • Website Builder - Create a confidential website that features a resume and other materials (files, letters) to share with potential employers.
  • Letter Builder - Browse letter samples and templates to construct a letter for every professional situation.
  • Portfolio Builder - Store, organize and display different projects, including images, writing samples, and audio and visual files.
  • Interview Preparation - Practice for any type of interview using the Interview Prep tool to record and review your responses.
  • Skills Assessment - Students research the skills needed for an industry and evaluate how their experiences have helped them prepare.
  • Video Resume - Record a video resume in a few simple steps.
To open an account, please visit https://csustan.optimalresume.com and click the “Create New Account” button.

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