Career Planning

Self- Assessment

Self-Assessment is a process of examining your values, skills, interests and personality to obtain a better understanding of yourself and your unique career and life goals.

Students, regardless of class year, should engage in self assessment to identify "what you want to do next," to identify the skills and strengths you bring to future employers, and to identify potential career fields and opportunities that you may not have explored.

What do we mean by values, skills, interests & personality?

Values: Priorities identified through education, career and life experiences. (Examples: high income, flexible work schedules, enjoying the company of your colleagues, changing work duties)

Personality: Patterns of behavior, your way of thinking, feeling and acting. (Examples: extroversion and introversion, how you receive, process and act on information)

Interests: Activities you enjoy and pursue in your leisure time. (Examples: performing arts, writing/journaling, reading, fitness) Skills: Unique talents that may have occurred naturally or have been honed through practice and experience over time. (Examples: problem solving, public speaking, creativity, organization, leadership)

Major decisionsWhere can my major take me?

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