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Internship Position Company Date Posted Deadline
CivicSpark Americorps Fellow Local Government Commission 5/26/2016 9/12/2016
Computer Teacher/Tutor Novo Technologies 7/7/2016 8/8/2016
IT Internship Basic Resources 7/1/2016 8/1/2016
IT Specialist City of Livingston 7/21/2016 8/21/2016
Sales Research Internship PowerSchool Group, LLC 7/14/2016 8/14/2016
Supply Chain Operations Future Leader Intern Frito-Lay 9/2/2015 9/2/2016

About Internships

Description: Work based opportunities which allow students to apply classroom theory and knowledge while gaining relevant "hands-on" experience in their field of study. Internships can be semester long or take place over the summer. These opportunities can lead to full-time employment following graduation and help build a professional network.

Internships can be for academic credit or non-credit. Please see the NACE Position Statement on internships for more information. Students seeking academic credit for completing an internship will need to work closely with the Department Internship Coordinator for their major. Also, a Special Registration Form.pdf should be completed by students seeking to obtain course credit for an internship.

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