Intramural Sports Champions Hall Of Fame

Fall 2017

3-point free throw contest Katherine Martinez Champion

Archery tag Tournament (Jox, Champions)

Co-Rec Archery Tag League (Fire and Ice, Champions)

5 vs 5 Men's Basketball League (Lethal Weapon, Champions)

7 vs 7 Co-Rec Soccer League (TKE, Champions)

4 vs 4 Volleyball Tournament (Fire and Ice, Champions)

6 vs 6 Co-Rec Volleyball League (Cloud_7, Champions)

Spring 2017

So Balls Co-Rec Soccer 2017 Champions

Balls Co-Rec

The Kuties Co-Rec Volleyball Spring 2017 ChampionsTeam picture

AAAYYYEEE Co-Rec Basketball Spring 2017 Champions 

team picture

Benjamin Kilburn 3-Point, Free Throw Contest Spring 2017 Champion

Benjamin Kilburn

Freddie Cadimas (left) Tennis Singles Spring 2017 Champion


Fall 2016

Punt, Pass & Kick Competition: 

Congratulations to the first Stan State Intramural Champions of the semester in the Punt, Pass & Kick Competition held on Friday, September 9th, 2016!

Punt: Justin Dye 70 Yards!

Pass: Alec Schmitt: 60 Yards!

Kick: Justin Dye & Alec Schmitt: 44 Yards!

Congratulations & Well Done Gentlemen!


Men's Basketball: MY TEAM GO

Team picture

Co-Rec Volleyball: Fire & Ice

team picture


Co-Rec Soccer: TKE

team picture


Spring 2016 Champions

Co-Rec Soccer: Los Patos Locos

team picture


Co-Rec Volleyball: Xtreme

team picture

Men's Basketball: Bangers

team picture


NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Challenge Champion: Ben Kilburn

Ben Kilburn

Fall 2015 Champions

Co-Rec Outdoor Soccer: UTD

Team picture


Co-Rec Volleyball: Pass, Set, Tip!

Team picture

Spring 2015 Champions

Co-Rec Futsal: United

United team photo

Co-Rec Volleyball: Rookies

Rookies team photo

Co-Rec Soccer: The Red Devils

The Red Devils team photo

Co-Rec Volleyball: Team RamRod

Team RamRod photo

Men's Basketball: Showtime

Showtime team photo

Men's Futsal: Jalapeno Peppers

Jalapeno Peppers team photo

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournement Challenge Champion: John Denney

John Denney

Fall 2014 Champions

Co-Rec Basketball: WaterWorld

 WaterWorld team photo

Co-Rec Futsal: Citizens United

Citizens United team photo











Co-Rec Soccer: FM Republic

FM Republic team photo

Co-Rec Volleyball: Tasty Squirts

Tasty Squirts team photo

Men's Basketball: Net Rippers

Net Rippers team photo

Men's Flag Football: ALLSTARS

ALLSTARS team photo