Badminton Singles/Doubles

Campus Recreation Intramural Sports conducts Badminton Singles/Doubles Tournaments in Men's, Women's and Co-Rec Divisions during the Fall Semester.  Please check the website for all registration information.


We conduct multiple sports leagues for six weeks at a time concurrently between the start of the semester until the end of the semester.  We then hold the playoffs and championship games for those sports at various times prior to the end of the semester.  This allows the participants to play multiple sports during the course of the semester.

To participate, you will need to register in house or online at and purchase an Intramural Sports Pass for $10.00 prior to the posted deadlines. (The cost is $10.00 per sport) 

For more information on all Intramural Sports, please contact Victor Lucatero at 209-667-3790 or