Vasche Library Building

The Vasche Library Building was named in honor of the University's first President, Dr. J. Burton Vasche. The Library, located on the second and third floors, offers a collection of 375,000 books, 2,200 music CDs, 3,200 videos and DVDs, 800 current magazines and journals in print format and 31,000 magazines and journals in electronic format. Library services include an online library catalog, reference and research help, research instruction, computer workstations, and wireless access to the Internet. Quiet study areas, and small meeting rooms are available throughout the library. The library building also houses the, Technology Support DeskTutoring Center, Writing Center, Counseling Services, Diversity Center, as well as two-state-of-the-art computer labs, a new technology lab, and Geographical Information Systems Lab.

First Floor

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Second Floor

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Third Floor

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Library Renovation Schedule

Spring Semester 2019 - Surge space (temporary facilities) will be placed
May 2019 - Design of renovated Library will be complete
Summer 2019 - Current building occupants will be moved into surge space
July 2019 - Renovation construction of existing Library will begin
Summer 2021 - Construction will be complete and occupants moved into renovated Library

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