Archived Building Abbreviations

All systems on campus will be updated to conform to the new standard and old abbreviations will be retired/inactivated by July 1, 2019.

Code # Building Name
MB 27 Mary Stuart Rogers Basement
MSR 27 Mary Stuart Rogers Educational Srvcs Gateway
FDC 30 John Stuart Rogers Faculty Development Center
N 35 Naraghi Hall of Science
V 37-39a Residential Life Village/Student Housing
IC 41 Innovative Center
-- 53 University Bookstore
-- 61 Student Recreation Complex
-- 105 University Police Department
SS 116 Student Services
GR   Golf Range
O   Outdoor Athletic Facilities
SB   Softball Field
SF   Soccer Field
STK   Stockton ("A" prefix are in Acacia Building)
TC   Tennis Courts
TR   Track