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The Roster is a searchable list of the other students in your Bb class. Clicking the name of a student in the roster takes you to their Blackboard home page (if they have created one for this course). Email addresses are not generally listed in the roster, althought students may choose to make these

visible.Searching the Roster:

  1. Click the Communication link under Tools.
  2. Click the Roster link.
  3. Enter as much of either the last name or the username as you can remember in the Search field.
  4. Click the Search button.
  5. A list of students in the course who match your search criterion will appear.

Viewing the complete Roster:

  1. Click the Communication link under Tools.
  2. Click the Search button without typing anything into the Search field.
  3. The entire roster will be displayed in groups of 25. You can move to other pages by clicking the page numbers at the bottom of the screen.

Viewing Student Homepages:

  1. Click the Communication link under Tools.
  2. Locate the name of the student whose homepage you wish to view using one of the above methods.
  3. Click the student's name to view the Homepage.

More Information I don't see the instructor or TA on the roster! Why not? The roster only lists people who are enrolled as students. Instructors, Teaching Assistants, and others are not listed in the roster.Why do most students have no listed email address? The email address is visible if only a student set the privacy settings to allow this. Data adapted from the San Diego State Student Help Pages