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Four Test Generator Tools (Web Page, College of DuPage)


In addition to writing each assessment or survey item with the Bb Test/Survey Manager, you can import a text file to Bb with questions and answers coded so the assessment or survey is ready to deploy.

Upload Questions (PDF)

This document contains information to create and upload a text file to Bb with test questions formatted for Bb to process them. It has examples for Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True/False, Essay, Ordering, Matching, Fill in the Blank, File Response, Numeric Response, Short Response, Opinion/Likert Scale, Multiple Fill in the Blank, Jumbled Sentence, and Quiz Bowl questions.

Upload Test Questions from MS Excel (3:25)

This video covers creating questions in Excel to upload to Blackboard.

Software for Creating Text Files to Upload to Blackboard

Plain Text Editor Applications


TextEdit is the built-in RTF text editing application for the Mac OS X system. Save as a Plain Text document, or, if necessary, duplicate a document to save as plain text.

- Text Wrangler - free from Bare Bones Software.


- Notepad with text wrapping turned off works well. Comes with Windows OS. Avoid using word processors, unless first importing the word processing document to Respondus or copy/pasting into a plain text editor. Word processor formatting will interfere with the content.

CSU has a system-wide license for Respondus . Contact BbSupport-at-csustan.edu for information.

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