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Resources for Uploading Test Questions

Four Test Question Generators (College of DuPage)
See comments, comparisons, and instructions on their page.


In addition to writing each assessment or survey item with the Bb Test/Survey Manager, you can import a text file to Bb with questions and answers coded so the assessment or survey is ready to deploy.

Upload Questions

The page has information about creating and uploading a text file to Bb with test questions formatted for Bb to process them. It has examples for Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True/False, Essay, Ordering, Matching, Fill in the Blank, Fill in Multiple Blanks, File Response, Numeric Response, Short Response, Opinion/Likert Scale, Jumbled Sentence, and Quiz Bowl questions.

Upload Test Questions from MS Excel (2:24)

The video covers creating questions in Excel, saving in a specially formatted text file, and uploading the file to Blackboard.

Software for Creating Text Files to Upload to Blackboard

Copy Word Processing text to a Plain Text Editor to clean hidden code.  Word processor formatting will interfere with the test content.


TextEdit is the built-in text editor for the Mac OS system. Save the document as Plain Text, or, if necessary, duplicate a document and save as plain text.

- BBEdit - click Download Free Trial - from Bare Bones Software
     After the 30-day free trial with all features available, continue using it with no nag screens or unsolicited interruptions free, forever, with basic features.


- Notepad with text wrapping turned off will clean the extra code. Built in to Windows OS.

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Test Creation and Management Software

CSU has a system-wide license for Respondus (Windows only). Contact BbSupport-at-csustan.edu for information.

Respondus will import a word processing document and clean the code.

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