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Feedback Studio
Blackboard Integration

Feedback Studio works on most modern browsers. 
We recommend Firefox.
If you use Safari and see an error message, either change your Block Cookies setting to Never
or use Firefox.

Since Feedback Studio integrates with Blackboard, there is no need to use the TII web site.

See the Interactive Demo
View the Feedback Studio Instructor Guide
View the Feedback Studio Student Guide

Create a Bb/Feedback Studio Assignment

  • In the Bb Course Menu, click the Content Area (e.g., Assignments) where you want your students to submit the Turnitin Assignment.
  • In the Assessments menu, select Turnitin Assignment.
  • Click the button for the Assignment Type (when applicable):
       Paper Assignment - basic type, most common.
       PeerMark Assignment - for students to review their peers' papers.
          - Distribution of reviewers is done automatically by the TII system or self-selected by the student.  
              - Manual pairing of students by the instructor is under investigation.
       Revision Assignment - for multiple draft uploads without overwriting the previous drafts.
              A Revision Assignment requires a Paper Assignment to be created first.
    Click Next Step
  • On the New Assignment page, enter the Assignment Title, the Point Value, and the Start/Due/Post Date options
    NOTE: Students see the grade, grammar/spell check, and your comments on the Post Date.
  • Select Optional Settings (Special Instructions, Exclusions, Permissions, Originality Report, Grade Reveal, Repository Options) as needed.
  • Click Submit.

This adds a TII Assignment column to your Bb course Grade Center.

Students see the TII Assignment Name with the View/Complete link on that content page.
The assignment is submitted to TII through the Bb TII Assignment link. 

The TII Paper Submission page lists the file types, word processor compatibility, and file size limits.

Grade a Bb/Feedback Studio Assignment

  • In your Bb Control Panel, click Course Tools, then click Turnitin Assignments.
  • Click the name of the assignment.
  • Click Roster Sync to update student names.
  • Inline Document Viewer
    • Click the name of the submission in the Title column to open the submission in the Document Viewer.
    • Click the Grade icon to open the submission in GradeMark to add comments and enter a grade.
    • Click the Similarity icon to view the Originality Report.   
      Navigate among OriginalityGradeMark, and e-Rater pages with the menu buttons on the Document Viewer.
      Open the menu with the top icon to select Active Layers.
    • Click the ⬇︎  icon in the menu to download the Current ViewDigital Receipt, or Originally Submitted File.
    • Click the ⓘ icon to view submission information.
    • If grades do not post to Bb Grade Center, click Sync Grades.
  • Download
    • Click the check box to the left of the word Author to select all files, then click Download and select Original File or GradeMark Paper
    • Click OK on the popup item to continue.
    • Click the Messages tab for the link to download the files in a zipped folder - follow the prompts.
    • Unzip the folder to work with papers on your computer.
  • TurnItIn will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity, i.e., not clicking GradeMark/Feedback buttons/tools.  Scrolling is not considered activity.

TII User's Paper and Originality Report links are also available from the Bb Grade Center.  Select Attempt [date] from the drop down menu to open the page.  

NOTE: Students see GradeMark comments, including spelling/grammar check, after the Post Date/Time (not the Due Date).

     The instructor must have used GradeMark on the submission options for GradeMark view to be available to the student. 
     If the student does not see a blue View button (e.g., it's grey), then either the Post Date hasn't passed or the instructor has not used GradeMark for the submission.

About Student Submissions

  • When students submit an assignment to the TurnItIn link, they see a digital receipt page with a Submission ID Number.  They also receive an email with the receipt number.  
    Advise students to check the junk, spam, or trash email folders if the digital receipt is not in the inbox.
  • Advise students to save or print that information to use for tracking the submission in case of an issue. The TII Help Desk needs the receipt number.
  • If a student does not see the receipt, the paper was not accepted, and the student will need to start the process again.
  • The TII link allows only one file to be uploaded. It must be 40 MB or smaller.

TII says:
   Many students make the mistake of uploading the paper and think the submission is complete.  
   There is a second step, which is to Confirm Submission.  
   If the second step isn't completed, the paper is not submitted, there will be no digital receipt, and the assignment is not complete.

Delete a Bb/Feedback Studio Assignment

  1. In your Bb Class Control Panel, click Course Tools, click Turnitin Assignments.
  2. Find the assignment name and click Delete Assignment. 
    This deletes the Assignment from Blackboard. 
  3. On the popup alert, click OK to confirm deletion.

Papers remain in the TII database and are used for matching with future submissions.
You can view all submitted documents from all your courses at turnitin.com.
Log in with your Stan State email address.   Reset your password if necessary.

Delete a Student Submission 

  • Select the checkbox for the paper, click the Delete button.
  • The file is deleted from Blackboard.
  • A popup alert appears.  Click OK to confirm the deletion.
  • The content will still be available directly at turnintin.com.


Broken TII Assignment Link

The Course Copy process can occasionally break a TII link.
The TII Basic tools may fix the connection. Contact BbSupport-at-csustan.edu.
If the link cannot be fixed, you will have a Grade Center column that cannot be deleted.
Hide it from Student View, change the name for your identification purposes, and hide from Instructor view.

When you see TurnItIn Error 423 

- For the quickest response, call the TII Help Desk.

TII Help Desk,
  (866) 816-5046, ext. 241

  • Report Error 423 message. 
  • Provide the UID
    Old Email, and 
    New Email 
    from the Error message.

Submit the Information Online  

  • Complete fields with the orange asterisk (Orange Asterisk) .
  • Learning Management System = Blackboard.
  • Plugin = Blackboard Basic, Version 2.7.3
  • Copy/paste the error message including the
    UID & Email information into the text box.  

​Allow 24-28 hours for TII to complete the request.

- TII requests 24 - 48 hours to resolve this issue.


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Bb SafeAssign

Check the Bb built-in SafeAssign Plagiarism Prevention tool.
It integrates with the Bb Assignment Link, using the New Box View Inline Grader.
Safe Assign accepts Group Submissions. 

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