Moving Around Blackboard

Click the tabs in the top area to navigate to the main Bb pages.

CSUStan Bb

This tab contains modules for tools and entering your courses. These modules are customizable. Click the wheel/gear icon to edit those that have settings. Personalize the page by clicking the Personal Page button. Click the course name in the My Courses module to enter a class.


This tab has additional modules, including a Course Search, the Course List, and the Course Catalog. You will seldom need this page.

Course Menu

When you enter a course, you see the navigation links or buttons on the left side of the page in the Course Menu. If you don't see the Course Menu when you enter a Bb class, look for a small icon on the left side of the screen (>). Click it to open your Course Menu. Click the links or buttons to see pages with the class Content and Tools. Instructors can customize these links and buttons, so the names and layout may differ from course to course.

The default course menu for a Blackboard course contains the following items.

Home Page

A Module page for Announcements, Tasks, and other course modules.

Content Areas

A wide-range of content items including learning materials, lecture notes, and presentations.

  • Information & Syllabus - The class syllabus and any general information about the course.
  • Documents & Content - Class notes, presentations, files, links, or other items you need for the course.
  • Assignments - Assignments information, such as the due date, description for class work, links to assignment submissions, and links to tests.
  • External Links - Specific links to sites you will need to visit during the course.

Discussion Board

A direct link to the Discussion Board area of the class.

Tools & Communication

Tools such as Blogs, Journals, Wikis, Discussion Board, Course Calendar, Groups, View Grades, and Tasks; and a link to send email to the instructor or class members.

Faculty Info

A Contact Page for the Instructor's information: e.g., name, email, work phone, office location, office hours.


A link to the Blackboard user manual. It opens in a new window or tab.

University Library

A link to the CSUStan Library page. It opens in a new window or tab.