Software & Hardware Recommendations

Keep your computer operating system and applications up to date.
Set your computer to check and run all software and system updates regularly.
     Mobile devices use different apps.  
     Search your app store for Bb Mobile apps and our Stan State Mobile App.
     Update your apps regularly.
     Mobile devices are not designed for full Bb functionality.
Install and update a virus protection program on your computer (see Plugins, Readers, & Software).
Some updates require a restart.

  • Use a browser supported by Blackboard.  If you encounter issues with one browser, use a different one.  
    We recommend using Firefox.  
  • Even if other browsers can connect to Bb, they may not provide full functionality or they have not been tested and are not recommended.

For dial-up (e.g., AOL, NetZero) and other Internet Service Provider (ISP) Proprietary Browser users 
These browsers are NOT compatible with Bb. 
If you use dial-up service, follow these steps.

  1. Log in as you normally do.
  2. Minimize their browser to remain connected to the Internet.
  3. Launch a recommended web browser.
  4. Log into Stan State Bb.

You may need to return to your dial-up AOL/ISP browser occasionally to keep that connection active.
Warning: Switching browsers during a test/quiz may lock you out. 

For best results, use a wired, high-speed Internet connection and a recommended browser.

Differences in browser settings, operating systems, system settings, applications, utilities, plug-ins, and personal settings can alter your computer's performance.
Be prepared to use an alternate computer, browser, or location when you encounter issues.

We cannot provide guarantees because applications continue to change and individual computer set-ups and Internet Service Providers affect performance.

If you experience technical difficulties, contact the Technology Support Desk, 667-3687.

Avoid taking tests using a wireless (WiFi) connection or a mobile device.

Internet Explorer and Edge may display only the first and last questions of a test, hiding all others.
We recommend Firefox.

Students, contact your instructor first when you have test or assignment submission issues.

Pop-Up Blockers

Turn off all browser pop-up blockers or set them to allow before logging in to Bb, especially for test taking.
If you have turned off or set exclusions for your pop-up blockers and continue to have technical problems, contact the Technology Support Desk, L-150, 667-3687.

JavaScript and Cookies

  • Javascript and Cookies must be set to enabled or true. Java must be enabled.
  • When you see the window with a Trust, Run, or Accept button, click it.
  • If you see a check box for Always Accept, click it.

Browser Plug-ins and Related Applications

Some courses may require plug-ins for your Web Browser. 
Use automatic updates for these and other applications.

Free downloads

Mac users, visit the App Store for free and inexpensive video players, converters, editors, and other useful applications.

Contact the Technology Support Desk, L-150, 667-3687, for technical assistance.

Applications, Programs, Software

Most courses will require an office suite such as Microsoft Office® (for a fee) or OpenOffice (open source, free, see Plugins, Readers & Software).
Apple Pages, Numbers, and Keynote will open and cleanly export to MS Office file formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
Google docs will download files in MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint formats from the File menu.  
     - see Google Docs note below.

See your Instructor's information for specific requirements for your class.

Some software is freeware or open source; other software can be purchased as shareware or from commercial vendors.
Please honor the software creator's licensing.
Stan State has licensing and purchase agreements.

You can use Google Docs to create and share documents from a computer or mobile device with web access.
NOTE:  Google Doc files exported in MS Word format do not work well for TurnItIn Assignment uploads.  
 - Open the exported Word file on a different computer with MS Word, save as a different name.

 - In the Google Docs File Menu, Download As > Rich Text Format (.rtf).
 - Share Stan State Student Google Docs PDF icon

Computer Requirements for Bb

Keep your operating system and software up to date.
Install and regularly update a virus protection application. See Plugins, Readers, & Software.
You may encounter slowness or lack of response with software and operating systems more than 3 year old.

Mobile devices (tablets and phones) and Chromebooks do not support all Bb features. Use a Mac or Windows computer for full functionality.

Recommended Computer System Requirements

  • 2 GHz Processor (CPU)
  • 4 GB RAM 
  • 20 GB free disk space
  • Network connection - High-Speed:  Cable, DSL, or Broadband (4 Mbps or higher)
    - Dial-up connections are supported but not recommended
    - Satellite connections will work, but you may encounter a latency (delay) that could cause issues with test taking, uploading, and downloading
    - WiFi and mobile devices are NOT recommended for tests

Optional:  External or cloud storage drive(s), optical drive (CD/DVD), speakers, microphone, headset, printer, web cam. 
See individual course requirements to determine specific needs.

Tested Operating Systems

  • Windows - 7, 8; recommended: 10
  • Mac OS X - 10.8+;  recommended: macOS 10.12+
  • ChromeOS - Not supported for Bb  
        Bb requires some NPAPI plug-ins and Java, which are not included in the Chrome OS.

Other versions may work, but will not provide the best Bb experience and may result in non-resolvable issues.

Linux: not tested nor supported (may provided limited functionality with Firefox).

Note:  JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE) is needed for some Bb features.
   JRE 7 and 8 recommended. JRE 6 may work but could result in unexpected behavior. Oracle acknowledged some security issues with JRE 6.


  • AOL, dial-up, and other ISP-specific browsers are not compatible with Bb. Use your ISP browser to connect to the Internet and use a recommended browser to enter Bb.
  • Dial-up modems may be used, but connection speeds will result in slow page loading, choppy audio and video playback, and lengthy uploading and downloading times for files.
  • Blackboard, Inc., tested JAWS 10 and 11 for Windows to meet accessibility requirements.


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