Plugins, Readers, & Software

To avoid many Bb issues, keep your operating system, software, plug-ins, and virus protection up to date. 

Free software:

Mac - Download free Antivirus, Adware, Malware, and other security apps from the App Store.

Some features require computer plug-ins and readers.

Some providers may ask you to register, but you can usually opt out of receiving email and notifications from the company.
Your computer and antivirus software must be configured to let you install software and plugins.
Update your apps automatically or check regularly and update manually.

Get Adobe Reader Adobe Reader
Adobe Acrobat® Reader DC is free cross-platform software that lets you view and print Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
Mac users have Preview built in for most PDF documents.  Some PDF files (e.g., Fillable Forms) require Adobe Reader.

FlashAdobe Flash 

Adobe Flash Player is a free, cross-platform, browser-based app that display documents and media files.
Flash is required by some external sites for audio/video playback.
Adobe announced it will phase our the Flash Player by the end of 2020.
Many sites that used Flash will transition to HTML5, which needs no additional tools or installations,
Flash is not required for standard Blackboard use.

Audio and Video

Apple uses QuickTime and iTunes. Microsoft uses Windows Media Player.  
If you have a media file that does not play, try one of these, or search where you get your apps.

VLC Media Player  VLC Media Player - cross-platform

Free, open source player for most multimedia files, including WMV.

MPlayerX MPlayer X - Mac

A free, open source, Mac multimedia player for most audio and video files, including WMV.

An earlier version is available for purchase at the Mac App Store.

Office Suites

LibreOfficeLibreOffice - Linux, Mac, Windows

LibreOffice is a free, Open-Source, multi-platform productivity suite with word processing (Writer), spreadsheets (Calc), presentation (Impress), graphics and flowcharts (Draw), database (Base), and formula editing (Math).
It is compatible with MS Office apps and others.
Java is required for certain features in Base.
Will Open and Save As MS Office file formats.

Get OpenOffice Apache Open Office - Linux, Mac, Windows

OpenOffice is a free, Open-Source, multi-platform productivity suite with word processing (Writer), spreadsheet (Calc), presentation (Impress), diagrams and illustrations (Draw), database (Base), and mathematical equation editor (Math).
It is compatible with MS Office apps and others.
Requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for full functionality. See Java & Apache OpenOffice.
Will Open and Save As MS Office file formats.

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