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Your Warrior Username -  the part of your csustan.edu email address before the @-sign.
e.g., Stan State email = SBond42@csustan.edu
- Warrior Username = SBond42 or sbond42 (not case sensitive)

Blackboard does not use your numeric identification.

Your Warrior Password is case sensitive.
  Forgot your password?
   Students:  Warrior Password Reset   
   Faculty/Staff:  Stan State Password Management 

Password Security
Update your password every 6 months.
Update all your devices with the new password.

Blackboard Security

The Bb security system locks a user out after 5 incorrect login attempts.
Wait 30 minutes to log in again.
Faculty/Staff can use the Password Management site to unlock the account.

After 90 minutes of inactivity, Bb automatically logs a user out.
You may log in immediately after being logged out.
Any work not saved is deleted in an automatic logout.

Inactive means the user has not clicked anything that would refresh or change the page, e.g., navigation menu item, button, or link.
Entering essay test question answers or entering content into a text box is not an activity.
Click a Save button, a Bb navigation link, or menu item to remain active.

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