Fill in Multiple Blanks Question Issue

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Note: During 2020-2021 Stan State is transitioning to a new primary LMS called Canvas. Blackboard will be unavailable after May 31, 2021. Please visit the Canvas Support page for more information.


Creating or editing a Fill in Multiple Blanks Test Question can cause an error:

Error: Question could not be updated. Please refer to logs.
Under the question: Question Syntax. There is an error in the syntax of this question. One or more variables may be invalid.

Reason: The Spell Checker added extra code to the text.

   To avoid the issue, turn off the Spell Checker before typing.
   Turn it back on after working on the question to resume using Spell Checker.
   Copy/paste the text from a plain text editor (which bypasses the spell checker).

To turn off the Spell Checker

Go to the Control Panel
   Tool Availability

Find Spell Check
   Remove the check mark in the column
   Click Submit

Restore by clicking the check box and clicking Submit.

Bb 11/16