Faculty Enlight in Blackboard

Stan State Barnes & Noble FacultyEnlight Blackboard Integration

In addition to links to the Bookstore and FacultyEnlight, you can use the FacultyEnlight tool directly from your Blackboard course.

The Bb link opens the site for you to select your course materials and for your students to purchase or rent them.

Create the link

  • Go to a course Content Area page (e.g., Information & Syllabus)
  • Hover over Build Content
  • Select FacultyEnlight under Mashups
  • Enter a name, e.g, Purchase Course Materials
  • Click Submit

Click that link to open the Stan State Barnes & Noble College FacultyEnlight site.

You select your course, add materials, review, and submit.

Students click the link to open the page and purchase or rent the materials you selected.

If you don't see the FacultyEnlight mashup link in your Bb course

  • Go to the Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability
  • Go to FacultlyEnlight and place a check in the box on the right side of the page
  • Click Submit
Bb 5/19