Download-Print Bb Grade Center

Download and Print Bb Grade Center

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Why Download and Print Bb the Grade Center as a Spreadsheet

* To do more complex calculations in computing final grades that go beyond the capabilities of the Bb Grade Center;
* To make a backup copy of your Grade Center;
* To archive your Grade Center at the end of the semester and have printable records.

We recommend that faculty who use the Bb Grade Center download a copy to their hard drives at least once at the end of the semester, and preferably periodically throughout the semester, to have a file copy of the individual grades that were entered during the semester as a backup.We also recommend printing the final spreadsheet to have a copy in a non-digital format.

Enter the Grade Center

Log in to Bb Enter your courseIn the Course Management - Control Panel, click the double arrows on the right side of Grade Center

Work Offline

On the Grade Center page, on the far right side, near the top of the page,
1. hover the mouse over the Work Offline button,
2. select Download.

Download Grades Page

1. Data - select Full Grade Center
2. Options - select Delimiter Type - Tab
- Include Hidden Information - optional, depending on your Grade Center setup
3. Save Location - click My Computer
4. Submit - click a Submit button

Download the File

On the next page, click Download

Navigate to the Downloaded File; Open, Save As, and Print as Needed

Computers and browsers will provide different methods of navigating to the file. Some tools will have the Open command and the Show in Finder command (the example on the PDF file is from Chrome).
If necessary, open your Spreadsheet application (e.g., Excel), navigate to the file, and open it from within Excel. You may see a warning about the file extension: click Yes or Allow, as needed.
The spreadsheet displays values only.
Saving a Tab-delimited file in Excel may give a warning. Accept the conditions to save as a Tab-delimited file or save it as a standard file if desired (in Excel, use Workbook for the .xls or .xlsx file extension),

Printing: Use the Page Layout settings to change the orientation to Landscape and make other changes to fit the file to your printed copy as needed.

BbSupport August 2014