Digital Receipts

Bb and TII Digital Receipts

Both Blackboard and TurnItIn create digital receipts when students successfully submit a Bb or aTII assignment.  If a student does not see the digital receipt in the browser upon submission or receive an email with the digital receipt, the submission did not upload and there will be no record of the student's attempt.

Students are advised to keep digital receipts for followup if an issue arises concerning a submission.

Text of a Bb Digital Receipt - email version

Subject: Submission received
Your work was received!

You successfully submitted your coursework. Each time you submit coursework, you receive a unique confirmation ID to verify when your submission was received. You can view your submission receipts on your My Grades page.

Submission details:
Submission confirmation ID: numerals and letters
Title of course: Course Name
Course ID: Course BbID
Title of coursework: Assignment name
Date/time of submission: Month Date, Year Time
Size of written submission: size
Size and name of files received: FileName.ext (size) 
Unique Item ID (for administrator use only): xxxxxx_x

Text of a TII digital receipt - online and email versions are similar

This receipt acknowledges that Turnitin received your paper. Below you will find the receipt information regarding your submission.

The first page of your submissions is displayed below.

[thumbnail of page 1]

Submission author: student’s  name
Assignment title:  assignment name
Submission title: document title
File name:  file name

File size:  xx.xx KB

Page count: ##

Word count: #,###
Character count: ##,###

Submission date 00-Month-20xx HH:MM AM or PM (UTC-0x00)
Submission ID XXXXXXXX_X

When students inquire about a submission, request a copy of the digital receipt, either the email or a copy/paste from the original receipt.

Forward the full receipt when requesting assistance concerning a student assignment.

Bb 10/19