Copy & Paste into Blackboard

MS Word and Web Pages insert invisible code in the copy/paste process

Using a word processor is preferable for long works.  But copying from MS Word or a web page and pasting into a Bb text editor can lead to issues because of hidden code behind the text.

Bb text editors in discussion boards, journals, and other areas with the tool icons (e.g., bold, italic, • bullets) may not display your content correctly or at all when it is pasted directly from a Word doc or a web page because of that code.

Select one of these to avoid the issue

  • Write your content in a plain text editor (e.g., Windows Notepad, Mac Textedit > Format > Make Plain Text).
    Format with the Bb text editor tools as you type.
  • Write in MS Word, copy the text, paste it in a plain text editor or online plain text converter, copy the plain text, paste it in to the Bb text box editor.
    Format the text with the Bb text editor tools.
  • Copy the MS Word content, paste it into the Bb text editor, highlight all, and use the Remove Formatting tool in the text box editor tools.
    This tool removes ALL formatting, leaving only plain text with no line breaks.
        Remove Formatting Tool
    Format the text with the Bb text editor tools.
  • Rather than copy/paste, upload the MS Word file, if possible.
Bb 02/19