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Note: During 2020-2021 Stan State is transitioning to a new primary LMS called Canvas. Blackboard will be unavailable after May 31, 2021. Please visit the Canvas Support page for more information.


Blackboard Mobile Apps are Free

Students: use the Blackboard mobile app for students

AVOID taking tests or quizzes on a mobile device or on a computer connected with WiFi. 
You can also enter Bb from the free Stan State Mobile App.
If you encounter a test or assignment issue in Bb, contact your instructor immediately.  Provide screen shots as possible.

FacultyBlackboard Instructor (iOS, Android) now includes Grading 

Mobile apps do not replace Bb on your computer.  
They are best suited for viewing course content and participating in discussions.
Some tools in Bb are available only in a web browser on your computer.  
    Use Firefox or Google Chrome

Notes from Blackboard

  • Blackboard recommends using their mobile apps for viewing content and participating in discussion boards. 
  • For Android users:  On April 10, 2019, Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) was discontinued. Due to this change, the Blackboard apps migrated to Google’s new Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) in the March release. To maintain push notifications on your device, please update to Blackboard App 4.0 or Blackboard Instructor 2.5.

List of Supported Files in Bb Mobile Apps


Blackboard student app logo  Blackboard   

 - an app designed especially for students' mobile devices

App Store Google Play  

 iOS 9+

  Android 4.2+


To find the app on a iPad in the App Store, change the iPad Only filter to iPhone Only.
Watch Blackboard Student App Tour (2:26) and Browser and Mobile Comparison (9:25).

Download, install, open, and search for CSU - Stanislaus.
Log in with your Warrior Username and password.

The Feature Guide has more information.  Avoid taking tests on a mobile device.

Keep your academic life organized, stay updated on assignments, and interact with your courses, instructors, and classmates

  • Access course content anywhere, anytime: Check grades, view announcements, and access course content, anywhere you can connect.
  • Engage with peers and teachers: Create, browse, and reply to discussion posts.
  • Stay informed in real-time: Get real-time push notifications to your mobile device about grades, upcoming tests, and due dates.
  • Prioritize your work: Stay on top of upcoming assignments and deadlines with the Activity Stream that prioritizes events and actions for you.

The Blackboard app for students and the Stan State Mobile App can not replace your computer browser access to Stan State Bb.  
For best results, use Firefox or Google Chrome on your computer with a wired, not WiFi, connection.
Use your computer with a wired Ethernet connection for tests and assignments.

Instructors do not see their courses in the Blackboard app for students.

Blackboard Instructor

App Store

Google Play


 iOS 9.0+

Android 4.2+


  • View your course items, assignments, and tests
  • Participate in discussions
  • Send announcements
  • Grade student submissions

Download, install, open, and search for CSU - Stanislaus; log in with your Warrior Username and password.
Blackboard Instructor will be updated in a continuous release cycle.

Blackboard Starters Guide to Mobile Friendly Courses PDF icon


Bb Grader - End of Life:  March 29, 2019

Blackboard, Inc., removed Bb Grader from the Apple App Store and support ceased on March 29, 2019.  

Grading is now done in the Blackboard Instructor app.


Questions? Contact BbSupport.

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