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How do I log in to Blackboard?

Use your Stan State Warrior ID and password, i.e., if your email is, your Warrior ID is astudent3200.
Your password is the same for all Stan State accounts and login pages.

How do I change my password for Blackboard?

Go to Under Warrior Identity Information, click reset your Password. Follow the prompts and links for Reset Password.
Contact the Technology Support Desk, L-150, for additional password assistance.

Update your password every 6 months.

How do I remove courses displayed in the My Courses module that I no longer need to see?

Click the small round icon on the top right of the My Courses module. On the Personalize: My Courses page, remove all the check marks from the row of the class you no longer wish to see displayed, then click the Submit button. Although you no longer see those courses, they will be available to you until they are turned off.
See Manage My Courses Module PDF icon.  Let your instructor know if you can see an older course.

What can I do if I get disconnected while taking a test or submitting work?

Blackboard requires a stable, uninterrupted Internet connection. Even a brief disconnect between your computer and the Blackboard system can lock you out.
Unfortunately, information you entered that you did not save is lost.

Best practices to minimize your chance of getting locked out of a Blackboard exam

  • Internet Explorer may display only the first and last questions of a test, not the ones between.
  • Use Firefox.
  • Use a wired Internet connection. Wireless (WiFi) connections are less reliable.  Avoid using a mobile device.
  • Restart your computer before you begin your test.
  • Open only Firefox to take the test.
    • Do not open applications/programs that connect to the Internet, such as streaming music or videos, before or during the Blackboard activity.
    • Do not open other applications/programs unless necessary for the Blackboard activity as required by your instructor.
  • Do not
    • Refresh your browser.
    • Resize or close the browser window.
    • Click the browser back button.
  • Click a Blackboard Save button, where available, often.
  • If you are on a home network that others are using, take your exam at a time when your network is being used lightly.
    • If another computer, video game console, or consumer electronics product is using the network, you may lose your connection to Blackboard.
    • Neighborhood usage can also interfere with a solid Internet connection.  Be careful. Choose your time accordingly.
  • As you take an exam, keep track of your answers outside of Blackboard. If your connection is lost, you will have a record of your answers.
    If possible, take a screen shot.
  • See more information at the Test Taking Tips page.
  • Contact your instructor immediately if your connection dropped and you lost work.

​Only your instructor can decide how to deal with a test/quiz or assignment if you have been disconnected. The Technology Support Desk cannot reset a test for you.

As an Extended Ed/Open U student, what do I need to do?

Registration forms are processed in the order they are received. Please allow at least three days for Blackboard access.
After your application is processed, your name will be added to Blackboard and you can log in with your Stan State Warrior ID and password.
Check with University Extended Education if you have additional questions (MSR 180, 667-3111).

Why can't I see my courses on Blackboard?

Student names are added to Blackboard courses during the week before the first day of instruction. You will see courses in which your name has been added to the Blackboard roster.
Blackboard courses are generally turned on for student access a day or two before the first day of instruction.  Instructors may modify that.
If your instructor is not using Blackboard, the course may be turned off. If you know your instructor is using Blackboard, contact that instructor.
If you have a HOLD on your registration, contact Enrollment Services. Once the hold is cleared, your enrollment will be processed and you will have access to your Blackboard course sites.

What files can I upload to Blackboard?

You can upload most standard computer files (e.g., word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, audio, video, images).
When naming files, use ONLY letters (capital or lower case), numerals, and the underscore or hyphen. Do not use spaces or special characters in file names.
If you are uploading multiple files, files from a "non-standard" application, HTML files, or executable files, place the file(s) in a folder, zip/compress the folder, and upload that zipped/compressed file.

How do I see test/quiz feedback?

On your My Grades page, click the name of the test/quiz to open the View Attempts page.  
Click the Calculated Grade (number/letter) to see the Review Test/Quiz page with your instructor's feedback.
Your instructor decides what feedback you see when you submit a test.
The display may change depending on how your instructor sets the options.   

Where do I see my Final Grades?

See for your official grades.
Blackboard is our course management system for content and information about classes.
Not all instructors post grades in Blackboard. Grades posted in Blackboard are not official grades.
Click the My Grades link in the Tools box on the Stan State Blackboard page or go to the Tools page in your course to view My Grades in Blackboard.


Contact the Technology Support Desk 

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