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- The My Courses and Courses modules display only your first 99 courses in alpha-numeric order.
          Contact BbSupport to delete older and unused courses.
- Blackboard closes a student assessment (quiz, test, survey) at the 90-minute inactive time limit.
          Clicking a Blackboard link or button begins a new timed session.
- Broken link in Email message
          How to fix or avoid.


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Course Availability - Manually Show/Hide course link to students PDF icon
         Term courses are made available the week prior to the first day of instruction.
         Term courses remain available until Census Date of the following Fall or Spring term.

Add or Delete Roster Names ManuallyPDF icon

Copy Course with Camtasia Files 

Fill in Multiple Blanks Test Question Error Message and a Resolution  

Remove a Previously Assigned Instructor's Name from the Blackboard Course Roster PDF icon

Four Test Question Generator Tools (Web Page, College of DuPage)

Blackboard Learn: Instructor Help Pages (Web Pages) 
Blackboard Learn: For Instructors (YouTube Videos)
Blackboard Learn: On Demand Tutorials (YouTube Videos)
Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series (YouTube Videos by Instructors)

TurnItIn Error 423 - More information here


Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning 
   Click Workshops.  Search for Bb.

MyCSUStan Faculty Documentation
  - Post Grades Online - MyCSUStan - after Enrollment Services opens grading cycle

Student FAQ, Videos, and Documents

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- - Read Me before taking a Bb test 

- - More on Faculty and Student pages

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