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Known Issues

- The My Courses and Courses modules display only your first 99 courses in alpha-numeric order.
          Faculty, contact BbSupport to delete older and unused courses.
- Blackboard closes a student assessment (quiz, test, survey) at the 90-minute inactive time limit.
          Clicking a Blackboard link or button begins a new timed session.
- Broken link in Email message
          How to fix or avoid.


Faculty Tutorials 3 Pages of Links, Videos, and Documents

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Report TurnItIn Error 423 

Faculty/Staff Workshops and Tutorials

Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning 
   Click Events, then click Workshops.  Search for Bb.

MyCSUStan Faculty Documentation
  - Post Grades Online - MyCSUStan - after Enrollment Services opens grading cycle

Student FAQ, Videos, and Documents

Thinking about taking an Online course?
Check to see if you're ready

- - Read Me before taking a Bb test 

- - More on Faculty and Student pages

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