Bb Organizations

Blackboard Organizations

Bb Organizations are non-course sites for colleges, departments, divisions, committees, faculty, or staff to post information, hold discussions, and share documents for educational, research, or administrative missions of Stan State.
Organizations resemble Bb Courses, but are created manually, not from the Stan State class scheduling system.

Stan State faculty or staff can request an Organization and manage the site for their users.

Click the Organizations tab to see the page with those links. 

Requesting an Organization

Stan State Faculty or Staff - email BbSupport to request an Organization site.

Organizations are created manually.  The Faculty or Staff requesting the Organization is usually the Leader.  Other Leaders may be added.
Leaders add Users and Content to the Organization.

To arrange for non-Stan State users to be added as an Organization User, contact Bb Support at

Organization Roles

  • Leader – Has full access to the organization Control Panel, like a Bb Course Instructor.  Can add, delete, and modify content; and manage (add, change, delete) membership of the organization.
  • Assistant – Has full access to the organization Control Panel, like a Bb Course Teaching Assistant. Can add, delete, and modify content; and manage (add, change, delete) membership of the organization. Is not listed on Bb entry page.
  • Participant – Can access all areas of the Organization from the Participant view.

Adding Content

The Leader adds content to an Organization.  Content from an Organization can be copied to another Organization.
Copying does not cross between Courses and Organizations.

Organizations have the same tools as Bb Courses.  
Since Organizations would not normally use the Grade Center, that tool is turned off by default.  The Leader may turn it and other tools on as needed.

Content and Communication tools are the same as in Bb

Managing Users

The Leader manages all users in a  Bb Organization.  The leader can add Bb users in any role, Leader, Assistant, or Participant.

The Leader can change user's roles or delete users.

For a Leader to delete another Leader user, the Leader must first change the role to Assistant or Participant, then delete the user.

Managing Availability

The Leader manually shows or hides the Organization to Participants.

Leaders and Assistants see the Organization at all times, in the Available or Unavailable setting.

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