Bb International Tips

Stan State Blackboard and International Connections

Leaving Turlock for another part of the world?
Want to use Stan State Blackboard and email while you’re there?
Here are some tips and tricks to help you prepare.


Check before you go.

  • What is the Internet connectivity access for that location?
  • What times of day is the connectivity slow or hard to access?
  • What is the Time Zone?  Bb runs on Pacific Time.   Adjust for Daylight Saving Time.
         PST = UTC -8, PDT = UTC -7
  • What are the local WiFi issues or restrictions?
  • How do I access local wired connections?
  • How do I connect my computer with a cable?
  • What are the local Internet issues or restrictions?
  • Which social media and other sites are blocked? (e.g., Google, YouTube, Facebook, blogs, wikis)
  • Do I need VPN?  If so, purchase or arrange it in advance.
        NOTE: China VPN Ban (Forbes - early 2017)

Some local Internet service providers block ports and certain actions on their networks.
Some hotels block selected websites or have upload/download restrictions.

Stan State Email

  • Stan State allows email access from anywhere in the world.  Local restrictions may vary.
  • The system has a 20 MB limit for attachments.  Use cloud storage/sharing for larger files.
  • The system does not allow executable file attachments, e.g., scripts, screensavers, and java.class files.
  • The system will uncompress and scan archives, e.g., .zip and .rar files.  It will quarantine files as needed.
  • Stan State requires a password update every 6 months.

     - Students 
     - Faculty

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