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Setting Course Availability for Student Access

  • Available = Students see the course
  • Unavailable = Students don't see the course; Instructors see the course and have time to build content.
  • Term Availability (not used beginning Fall 2020) 

The instructor can modify course availability settings manually if students need to enter a course before or after designated term dates. After making a course Available manually, Instructors will make it Unavailable when students no longer need access.

Setting Course Availability from the Control Panel

Control Panel

With the Edit Mode turned ON,
go to the Control Panel,
click Customization,
click Properties.

Set Availability

Set Availability

By default, courses are set to Use Term Availability.
   Click Yes to make the course Available to students before or after the term date availability.
   Click No to make the course Unavailable to students.
   Select Use Term Availability to use the term dates (2 days before the first day of instruction until Census Date of the next Spring/Fall term).
     (Term is identified as Available or Unavailable based on Bb Term settings.)

When course availability is set to Yes, change the course availability to No or Use Term Availability when students no longer need access to the course.



Click Submit to save settings.

Set Availability from a Content Page

Change the Availability setting with the availability tool after modifying the Control Panel settings to Yes or No.

At the top of the page, next to the Student Preview icon, click the Lock icon to make the course Available or Unavailable.

Availability Lock Icon

When setting course to Available manually, reset to Unavailable when the course is complete.


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